Le Dauphine Saint Clair

After 6 months of refurbishment, Le Pavillon Dauphine Saint Clair may re its doors open in September. The Dauphine was constructed on the edge of the de Boulogne, at the start of the final century, currently known as Opportunity Foch, at the end of Method p l'Impératrice. The Pavillon Dauphine stands to the Bois de Boulogne's edge, in the area of the important company centres, with comfortable access coach, by neighborhood with parking services that are great. For almost any event, St Clair Traiteur provides an innovative and highend gastronomy, that may be designed to all your receptions.

Une ambiance très ce soir that is joyful - au Pavillon Dauphine qui durant la soirée du mariage un flashmob that is very. Un magnifique mariage en somme, à la fois dans un esprit traditionnel vietnamo - cambogien mais aussi pour tout le monde. Market ingredient figurant sur le existing site web est la propriété de Collectif Reportage Mariage (collectif regroupant des photographes mariage). After six months of work to renovate 900 m² of reception area, its gates have reopened! The recovery of the ceilings also gives modern look to the famous Dauphine party area to a fresh resolutely.

The Pavillon Dauphine was designed at the end of Avenue p l'Impératrice, around the edge of the de Boulogne, now generally known as Method Foch, in the beginning of the last millennium. The Dauphine stands around the fringe of the pavillon dauphine de Boulogne, within the key business centres' vicinity, with easy access bus, by city and with parking services that are excellent. For almost any celebration, Saint Clair le Traiteur provides a high-end and creative gastronomy, which can be designed to all your receptions.