Top 7 Microstock Websites To Sell Your Pictures Online For Cash

Picjoke is a humorous graphic editor where you can upload your photograph and make a lot of different amazing effects in less than one minute. Be creative and intelligent with your pictures even though you don't need certainly to be a professional, but it'll give your photograph a high download speed which converts to what is known by you! Whatever you like to photograph there is a stock image company that specializes in that type of picture and that is who you want to get in touch with once you build up your library. Example: only adding 5 quality pictures a week in 5 years will give you 1300 photographs that are bringing in income. I referred to stock photography.

Anyway, I have been using Adobe Lightroom to help organise and try things into some form of sequence, and I stumbled accross a software called Pro Stock Master. It has turned out to be extrodinarily useful, not only to record what ive submitted where etc and to catalogue my Stock worthy” photographs, but it also works like an FTP client and uploads everything for me. Additionally, free stock photos sites it includes a great keywording feature which helps make keywording ALOT easier and faster! There's a trial offer, which can be limitless and works the same as the full version except just enables 5 uploads each day. I started but soon found I 'd want the full version, and so I bought it and haven't looked back.

Additionally they have inner forums where individuals share their findings again which are perfect for someone. Of course to be taken on those websites as a photographer you needed to present 300-400 pictures in a portfolio in the form of slides to their own main office. Great questions it was quite a mixed bag but now a days RGB Jpegs seems to be the standard for accepting photos. As for the cash, IF you love to write doing both ( writing about and doing stock) can be successful.